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{Puppy Love}

2 May

I interrupt Europe postings {that are taking FOREVER!} to bring you a special announcement:

there’s a new addition to the Mast family!  He’s soft, adorable, and furry.

Yep, we got a puppy!  Internet, meet Max Mast:

{Max Mast, 8 weeks old}

{Max Mast, 8 weeks old}

Andrew and I have been very excited for the day when we could finally get a dog.  We started doing our research on the type of breed we wanted, and had it narrowed down to Golden Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Both breeds appealed to us for many of the same reasons: sweet personality, kid-friendly, not hyper, relatively easy to train.  The biggest difference between the two choices was size.  Golden Retrievers are medium-to-large dogs, while Cavalier’s are the largest of the Toy breed.  In the end, the Cavalier won the day due to the fact that we’re a one car family, and my compact car just wasn’t going to be a good fit for a larger dog.  Plus, I’ve never had a dog before, so we decided to start small and work our way up 🙂

Once we decided on a CKCS, we had to find our preferred color {either Ruby or Black & Tan}.  Both are less prevalent, so when Ruby colored puppies were born in December, available in February, we jumped at the chance to take one home.  We drove 3 hours to pick-up Max on Valentine’s weekend, and he was the best valentine ever!

Since we brought him home, he’s doubled in size, and has developed such a distinctive personality.  He loves cuddling on laps, but has so much fun playing catch and running around.  Max LOVES new people, and is just now learning how to play with other dogs {he’s doing pretty well!}.  I take him for walks most mornings before work, it’s now one of my favorite parts of the day.  We have a ridiculous amount of nicknames for him, but the most common is Mini.


{Max Mast, April 2014}


{Max Mast, April 2014}

We love him so much!

Oh, and I promise I’m almost finished writing the last posts about our Europe trip.  Coming soon!

Wet Bar {before}

10 Jul

There’s a wet bar in our family room.  Not more than 10 feet from the kitchen sink.  I think in the 70’s, the groovy factor of having a wet bar overruled the logic of putting a sink next to the kitchen.  Not in the kitchen, like the cool second sinks in modern kitchens, but next to the kitchen.

Here’s how it looked on move-in day:


{family room/kitchen}

{wet bar}

{wet bar}

Here are all the glorious 1978 details:

{wet bar sink}

{wet bar sink}

{shelf liner}

{shelf liner}

From the moment we moved-in, we knew we would be making lots of changes to the wet bar.  The original wood color was way too dark for the space, and it lent to an oppressive feeling.  Plus it didn’t make sense that all the kitchen cabinets were painted, but  their next door neighbors were untouched.  Also, the cabinets felt like a huge piece of furniture that we unwillingly inherited.

Our first step was removing the upper set of cabinets:


{cabinets gone!}

{wet bar demo}

{wet bar demo}

{wet bar demo}

{wet bar demo}

So much space!  So much light!  No more dark gloomy cabinets!

The greatest thing about removing the cabinets was that we simply rehung them in the garage, and created storage.  Win win.

Tomorrow you’ll see how we transformed this space, from construction to decor!

What’s Your Style?

17 Sep

Prompted by John and Sherry over at Young House Love, today I took the Stylescope quiz powered by HomeGoods.  This one is fun because it’s completely image based.  So instead of having to describe your style with seemingly random words and phrases, you just pick the pictures that you like best!  It starts here:

{originally from Stylescope}

The images I chose were…

{originally from Stylescope}

Not sure what that would get me, so on to my results!  Which was…

{originally from Stylescope}

Hmm.  The description says, “Urban Funk has undeniable funk and soul”, which I cannot deny, but still.  Not quite sure that’s how I would describe my personal decor style.  Plus, Boho was picked as my back-up style.  While I do have hippy tendencies, it never really comes across in my decorating.  Since I was disillusioned by my evaluated style, I browsed the other options.  The one I found that probably best fits me is:

{originally from Stylescope}

Yes, much better.  Classic is what I try to go for most of the time!  Unless it’s my future closet/dressing room, where I plan to go completely over-the-top girly and sparkly.  Fair warning.

What’s your design style?  Did your personal style match the Stylescope version?

Sums It Up

20 Jun

Does anyone else need this reminder sometimes?

{via Pinterest}

Just one of those days.  I’ll be back tomorrow with {hopefully} an amazing Craigslist deal!  A word of caution though–never to go look at Craigslist merchandise alone!  Use the buddy system people.

Quick & Easy!

14 Jun

Sometimes projects can be tedious.  Sometimes they can be never-ending.  Sometimes projects can drain your will to continue.

This was NOT one of those projects.

My new cookbook stand took all of 3 days to “transform”, but that definitely did not decrease the feeling of satisfaction when it was all done.


{© Go Our Own Way}

…in all it’s gold glory.  Great lines and function, but not feeling the gaudy color.  Now we have…

{© Go Our Own Way}

Again, not a life-altering transformation.  But for a cheap antique store find, plus the can of half-used spray paint I had in my garage already, our newest kitchen accessory is lookin’ good.  What you’re looking at is 3 coats of flat black spray paint + 1 layer of clear spray paint sealant.  Sealant was not really necessary, but I like to use it to increase durability and longevity.

And of course the functionality is great.

{© Go Our Own Way}

By the way, the cookbook above is the best.cookbook.ever.  If you consider yourself a cook, but don’t have the Betty Crocker Cookbook, your life {and kitchen} are incomplete.  Just sayin’.

One more before and after:

{© Go Our Own Way}

I must say, I’m so very happy with the result.  Say it with me — “Spray paint is a game changer.”

Hello blog world!

30 Apr

Wow, my first post as a “blogger”.  I have to say that it’s a lot more work than I thought it would be!  But it’s great to be here, and to be writing for whoever might be out there.

I hope you stick around, because this blog is going to cover everything and anything.  Whatever pops up in our lives {that would be my husband Andrew and I} might pop up here.  House hunting, decor, food, drinks, the Portland social scene, fashion, shopping, music, books, movies, etc.  It’s all fair game.

May the odds be ever in our favor.*

*A Hunger Games reference in my very first blog post was unavoidable.

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