My name is Brittney, and I’m the fingers behind this blog.  I started this blog in April of 2012 because I needed an outlet for my house-hunting-gone-crazy.  At the time, my husband Andrew and I were renters, living in a house that we loved with wonderful roommates.  However, we couldn’t wait for the time to come when we could buy a house.  It’s what we “patiently” worked towards.

Go Our Own Way is my creative outlet for all things home, decor and life inspired.  GOOW used to follow our journey as we dealt with the ups and downs of living in a rental, saving for a home of our own, being first-time buyers…now it’s about making our home the best it can possibly be.  It’s our place to document all the changes we’re making to our first house, from the little updates to the big renovations.  A house from 1978 has a lot of those!

Go Our Own Way originates from a Fleetwood Mac song.  Our version is a slight variation from the actual title, “Go Your Own Way.”  Instead of sticking with the original phrase, I remixed it to reflect our lifelong journey as a couple.

The great thing about being married is that you’re never on your own; you have a life partner who will be by your side through thick and thin.  Therefore, it’s not your way anymore, it’s our way.


To tell you my life story would bore you to tears.  Since I don’t want to make anyone cry, I hope the following bits and pieces help you get to know me a little better.

  • Football is the sport I’m most passionate about
  • I have OCD tendencies when it comes to organization
  • I love getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist
  • Chips and salsa is its own group on my personal food pyramid
  • Sandals are a year-round shoe option {even when it snows}
  • I graduated from college in 3 years
  • Baseball is the most boring sport to watch on TV; but I feel most patriotic when I am attending a baseball game, eating peanuts, and singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the 7th inning stretch
  • If I could live anywhere for one year, it would be New York City
  • I love cutting my hair short {although I’m currently wearing it long}
  • I’m not somebody who likes thrift shopping for the sake of it; if I have money to spend, it’s going to be designer
  • Dresses > skirts
  • I will read anything {except Moby Dick–I tried in high school, watched the movie instead, and failed the test}
  • Born in Minnesota = lifelong Viking fan
  • My two “little” brothers are both at least 6 inches taller than me
  • I would make a great East Coast gal, but I fully appreciate the casualness of the West Coast
  • Van Morrison speaks straight to my soul
  • There is no telling what I will cry during {commercials, songs I hear on the radio, Disney movies, music videos, books, sporting events, any movie, etc.}
  • University of Oregon Ducks.

I love my life.  My husband, family, friends, job, and location.

All thanks and credit belongs to God and Jesus.

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