{A + B}

Fun fact: I love the fact that our first names are alphabetically in sequence.  It’s the OCD in me.

Fun fact #2: Andrew and I went to schools in the same school district for 1st-12th grades, and didn’t meet until we lived across the street from each other sophomore year at the University of Oregon!  Craziness!

Fun fact #3: We “joke” that we probably wouldn’t have been friends if we’d met before college…we were both way too different.  Me date a guy with long hair?  No way.  My goody-two-shoes ways definitely wouldn’t have endeared myself to Andrew.  In short: God’s timing is the perfect timing!

A + B married on September 10, 2011 (yes, that’s 09.10.11).

{The night Andrew proposed, July 2010}

After a year and a half of living in a rental house with another couple, who were a bridesmaid and groomsman in our wedding,  we bought our first home in March of 2013.   Our marriage is young, but we have high hopes for our lives together.  We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us, especially since we have a partner to share it all with.

And the newest addition to our little family…Max!  Andrew liked the name Maximus, I liked the name Maxwell, so Max it is 🙂  Of course in our house we hardly call each other our given names–nicknames are plentiful!  So most of the time we call him Mini.  He’s a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I’m pretty obsessed!  He was born in December of 2013, and he’s the spoiled baby of the family!


{8 week old Max, February 2014}


{Almost 5 months old! April 2014}


{Mighty Max!}

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