{Puppy Love}

2 May

I interrupt Europe postings {that are taking FOREVER!} to bring you a special announcement:

there’s a new addition to the Mast family!  He’s soft, adorable, and furry.

Yep, we got a puppy!  Internet, meet Max Mast:

{Max Mast, 8 weeks old}

{Max Mast, 8 weeks old}

Andrew and I have been very excited for the day when we could finally get a dog.  We started doing our research on the type of breed we wanted, and had it narrowed down to Golden Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Both breeds appealed to us for many of the same reasons: sweet personality, kid-friendly, not hyper, relatively easy to train.  The biggest difference between the two choices was size.  Golden Retrievers are medium-to-large dogs, while Cavalier’s are the largest of the Toy breed.  In the end, the Cavalier won the day due to the fact that we’re a one car family, and my compact car just wasn’t going to be a good fit for a larger dog.  Plus, I’ve never had a dog before, so we decided to start small and work our way up 🙂

Once we decided on a CKCS, we had to find our preferred color {either Ruby or Black & Tan}.  Both are less prevalent, so when Ruby colored puppies were born in December, available in February, we jumped at the chance to take one home.  We drove 3 hours to pick-up Max on Valentine’s weekend, and he was the best valentine ever!

Since we brought him home, he’s doubled in size, and has developed such a distinctive personality.  He loves cuddling on laps, but has so much fun playing catch and running around.  Max LOVES new people, and is just now learning how to play with other dogs {he’s doing pretty well!}.  I take him for walks most mornings before work, it’s now one of my favorite parts of the day.  We have a ridiculous amount of nicknames for him, but the most common is Mini.


{Max Mast, April 2014}


{Max Mast, April 2014}

We love him so much!

Oh, and I promise I’m almost finished writing the last posts about our Europe trip.  Coming soon!

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