Wet Bar {before}

10 Jul

There’s a wet bar in our family room.  Not more than 10 feet from the kitchen sink.  I think in the 70’s, the groovy factor of having a wet bar overruled the logic of putting a sink next to the kitchen.  Not in the kitchen, like the cool second sinks in modern kitchens, but next to the kitchen.

Here’s how it looked on move-in day:


{family room/kitchen}

{wet bar}

{wet bar}

Here are all the glorious 1978 details:

{wet bar sink}

{wet bar sink}

{shelf liner}

{shelf liner}

From the moment we moved-in, we knew we would be making lots of changes to the wet bar.  The original wood color was way too dark for the space, and it lent to an oppressive feeling.  Plus it didn’t make sense that all the kitchen cabinets were painted, but  their next door neighbors were untouched.  Also, the cabinets felt like a huge piece of furniture that we unwillingly inherited.

Our first step was removing the upper set of cabinets:


{cabinets gone!}

{wet bar demo}

{wet bar demo}

{wet bar demo}

{wet bar demo}

So much space!  So much light!  No more dark gloomy cabinets!

The greatest thing about removing the cabinets was that we simply rehung them in the garage, and created storage.  Win win.

Tomorrow you’ll see how we transformed this space, from construction to decor!

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