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Master Bedroom {closet}

24 May

We have a walk-in closet!  Sometimes I just like to bask in that.

Here’s how we inherited it…




It also has some fun attachments built-in:

Closet Attachments

The closet built-ins are from California Closets, and are relatively easy to move around and customize.  Which is good because there was way too much shelf space, and not enough hanging room.

The first step in my closet makeover was a paint color.  Nothing is less inspiring then a white and sterile closet.  I chose Valspar Lyndhurst Duchess Blue.  Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been impressed by Valspar paint.  I wanted a paint color that popped, that was vibrant in a dark room, and would be able to play well with the colors we use in the rest of the master bedroom.  First I taped-off the edges…


And then the paint…


I am so happy with the paint color!  The white built-ins really pop now.  My next step was rearranging the closet a bit.  See how uneven all the shelving and rods are?  The OCD in me was not going to be able to live with that.

Closet arrows

It would drive me crazy.  So with a little rearranging, I came up with this:

Closet arrows 2

The OCD inside me gives a sigh of relief.  I created a space for jewelry, accessories, hair, make-up…basically a stand-up vanity.

Standup Vanity

After the reorganization, I put our clothes in, and now it’s a fully functioning closet!  As you can see, I use only white plastic hangers, organize by color, and hang almost everything.  I fully believe that the more organized your closet is, the more you’ll like the clothes you have.  When you can find things, and display what you already have, it lessens the “need” to get new stuff.




We also painted the ceiling the same color as the bedroom, but you’d never know…in a windowless room it’s hard to tell.

I “joke” with Andrew that I need more clothes to actually fill it up 🙂

Future plans for the closet: add artwork to the wall inside the vanity area, add hooks behind the door, put in crown molding, replace the light fixture with something more fancy, and get some baskets for the shelving to help organize stuff.

That’s our closet so far!

Closet Before-After

Master Bedroom {paint}

23 May

Not only did we just finish the reno process in our new master bedroom, but we also have internet at the house!  It feels good to be connected again 🙂

The before pictures are pretty self-explanatory…our new bedroom was not our style.  But we knew we could fix it!

We started by sanding the wood wall where the fireplace is located.  First with 60 grit sandpaper, using a combo of our new electric sander and foam sanding pads.




{sorry for the dark lighting!}

The electric sander was only able to fit on the larger flat surfaces, so all the other small/detail sanding was done by hand, which is why the sheen wasn’t taken off.  It was scratched-up, which is all that was needed.  The electric sander, however, cut right through the sealant and exposed the natural wood.  Not gonna lie, it was kinda nerve wracking at first.  After the 60 grit sanding was done, we followed it up with 180 grit.


The pictures don’t really show the difference, but the smooth factor on the wood was ah-mazing.  Like a baby’s bottom.  The pictures of the corners below show the difference in the wood: electric v. hand.  And for whatever reason, when it was originally installed, there was no caulk used to fill-in any cracks.  There were highly visible gaps along the ceiling and walls, and also along some molding seams.  Nothing that a little quick hardening caulk couldn’t fix, though!



Then we taped-off the carpet and tile and prepared to prime.




I personally think the first coat of primer always looks horrible.  No matter what you’re priming.  It’s so blotchy and uneven.  We used good ol’ Zinsser Cover Stain primer.


But after the second coat, the coverage was much better.



After priming was done, all that was left was 2 coats of paint.  White on the molding around the perimeter including the fireplace mantle, and Valspar Asiago on the rest.  Then we had to paint the entire rest of the room {including the ceiling }, going with Valspar Oatlands Subtle Taupe.  In my opinion, it is the perfect “greige” {grey + beige}.  Which brings us to the final product:




In case anyone is wondering, I’m super impressed by Valspar paint.  I thought for sure we’d have to do two coats of paint on the formerly green bedroom walls, but it covered so well the first time that a second coat wasn’t necessary (it helps that it’s primer + paint in one}.  We did do two coats on the wood wall, but that was definitely necessary.  It seems like everytime I look on Pinterest for inspiration, the paint colors are from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams…which is fine, if you can afford it.  But if you’re looking for affordable paint, I definitely recommend Valspar from Lowe’s.  I was impressed.




Master Bedroom Before-After

That sums up the new paint in our master bedroom!  We LOVE it.  It’s such a relaxing space now–exactly what we were going for.  After tons of paint chips, and a couple trial runs with paint testers, we’re very happy with how the colors turned out {although the pictures don’t do them justice}.  Coming up: the walk-in closet makeover, and the final reveal of our master bedroom.

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