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We’re Still Here!

17 Dec

FYI: this blog has not been abandoned!

However, our blogging material has been sadly lacking (aka nonexistent) over the past couple of months.  As Andrew and I patiently wait begin our house hunt in January, there just hasn’t been much to update you on.  To sum it up: we’ve been saving for our down payment, keeping our eye on houses in our target areas (which have also been sadly lacking), and pretty much just biding our time.  So…nothing blog-worthy here.

But the new year will bring lots of happenings and changes, which I’m very excited to write about.  As we search for our perfect first house, we can’t wait to update Go Our Own Way!  So until next time, I leave you with one of the few houses we’ve looked at over the past couple of months…


{via Instagram}

It was a total bust.  I can’t wait to explain why looking at a house in person can burst every perfect home bubble you’ve created in your head.


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