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What’s Your Style?

17 Sep

Prompted by John and Sherry over at Young House Love, today I took the Stylescope quiz powered by HomeGoods.  This one is fun because it’s completely image based.  So instead of having to describe your style with seemingly random words and phrases, you just pick the pictures that you like best!  It starts here:

{originally from Stylescope}

The images I chose were…

{originally from Stylescope}

Not sure what that would get me, so on to my results!  Which was…

{originally from Stylescope}

Hmm.  The description says, “Urban Funk has undeniable funk and soul”, which I cannot deny, but still.  Not quite sure that’s how I would describe my personal decor style.  Plus, Boho was picked as my back-up style.  While I do have hippy tendencies, it never really comes across in my decorating.  Since I was disillusioned by my evaluated style, I browsed the other options.  The one I found that probably best fits me is:

{originally from Stylescope}

Yes, much better.  Classic is what I try to go for most of the time!  Unless it’s my future closet/dressing room, where I plan to go completely over-the-top girly and sparkly.  Fair warning.

What’s your design style?  Did your personal style match the Stylescope version?

{09.14.12} Pinterest Pursuits

14 Sep

Nothing much happening in the world of house hunting, but here are three awesome pins to get your weekend started!

{via Pinterest, originally from Flickr}

Autumn: Fall is here, and that means only one thing…FOOTBALL SEASON is upon us.  My alma mater is ranked #4 in the country right now, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what this season has in store for us.  The best thing about living in Oregon?  We have all four seasons.  Which means we get the wonderfulness of autumn in all its glory.  Behold, the beauty of both football and fall above at Autzen Stadium.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year.


{via Pinterest, originally from eighteen25}

Subway art: not only are these free printables chic and colorful, but there’s one for nearly every occasion throughout the year.  There’s at least six that could be used in just the next four months!  With all the upcoming holidays, this is an easy and cheap way to decorate any house.

{via Pinterest, originally from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs}

Power tools: since Andrew and I are in the process of preparing ourselves to be homeowners relatively soon, I found this blog post extremely helpful.  Sarah outlines the basic power tools every DIYer must have in their tool kit, and why.  Since we’ll soon be needing stuff of this nature, I like knowing what to look for now.

Everyone have a great weekend, and Go Ducks!


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