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{06.29.12} Pinterest Pursuits

29 Jun

I can’t believe an entire week has already passed!  After an all-day and exhausting {in the best way} wedding on Saturday, this week has flown by.  Unfortunately, the amazing Craigslist deal I was preemptively hinting at last week did not pan out…womp womp.  But that’s the danger of Craigslist–nothing is guaranteed.  On the bright side, Pinterest was a goldmine this week!

{via Pinterest, originally from Craft}

Fourth of July: once again lamenting the passage of time, it’s hard to believe that July 4th is next week.  But in the spirit of the holiday, here’s a super easy treat to make for any BBQ or celebration.  Just combine cookies into a cutesy flag formation, and you’re good to go!

{via Pinterest, originally from Verandah House}

Accent chair: I’m obsessed.  This one in particular is fabulous, and I’d happily take it.  Generally speaking though, I’m obsessed with accent chairs.  Pinterest is proof of that.  Since Andrew and I have red couches, I CANNOT WAIT until we move into a house, and I can finally accessorize them with accent chairs.  Plural.  Can I get a “Hallelujah!”

{via Pinterest, originally from Crate & Barrel}

Wine storage: I’ve been thinking a lot about wine storage lately, since I’m leaving for Oregon wine country this afternoon.  This is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve found, from Crate & Barrel.  I love the mix-and-match options, and how it’s more decorative then functional.  I plan to have a lot more wine then that little storage area can hold, so the few bottles that do fit in there would have a fashionable home.

Now it’s off to the wine country of Oregon for girls weekend!  My girlfriends and I take weekend trips every couple months, and this was the chosen destination for June.  We’re staying in a little town called Amity (no relation to Amittyville Horror…we checked), and I can’t wait to taste all the delicious Oregon wines!  Speaking of…

{via Pinterest}

Yep, that’s us in a nutshell!

Happy Friday, and cheers!

{06.22.12} Pinterest Pursuits

22 Jun

Happy Friday!  This weekend Andrew and I are going to our first wedding of the summer, and having house guests stay with us.  Too bad the third room in our rental is actually the band room, and our friends are sleeping on a futon leftover from college…when exactly do we become grown-ups??

{via Pinterest, originally from I Create…With Love}

No sanding required: this is my kind of makeover.  This tutorial shows how to paint on wood, without sanding.  Since I have a coffee table sitting in our garage that I’ve been meaning to redo, this tutorial should help me accomplish that project pronto!

{via Pinterest, originally from Newcomb Home}

Frozen dessert: I found this recipe via one of my daily blog reads from another Portland blogger over at Newcomb Home.  You won’t believe how easy this dessert is to make, and I plan on trying it very very soon.

{via Pinterest}

Drive-in movie: us Portlanders are lucky to have a drive-in theater in our own backyard.  Just 20 minutes south of Portland is the 99W Drive-In, in Newberg.  I’ve been twice, during high school, and it was so fun.  Nostalgia at its best.  You pay for a double-feature, which means the second movie doesn’t end until well after midnight.  The first time I went we didn’t leave until after 1:30 am (there was also an electrical blowout at one point), but it was worth it.  If you’re in the Portland area, take the time to experience a drive-in movie.  I can’t wait to take Andrew, who has never been before.

Oh and my Craigslist buy hasn’t quite worked out yet, but I’m  still hopeful.  Maybe by Monday?


Sums It Up

20 Jun

Does anyone else need this reminder sometimes?

{via Pinterest}

Just one of those days.  I’ll be back tomorrow with {hopefully} an amazing Craigslist deal!  A word of caution though–never to go look at Craigslist merchandise alone!  Use the buddy system people.

The Good Kind Of Flea

19 Jun

On Saturday I took the advice of another Portland blogger (Kirsten @ Restored Style) and made my way to the Portland Flea.  It was so worth it!

{© Go Our Own Way}

The Flea is currently being held in an indoor venue, at UNION/PINE, on the Southeast side of downtown.  Saturday was beautifully sunny here in PDX, and the indoor browsing offered some relief from the heat.  I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived, since flea markets can be hit-or-miss.  Often the antiques are too pricey for me, or sometimes the stuff is just crap.  I was pleasantly surprised by the good quality items available, and the affordability of the pieces.

{© Go Our Own Way}

The picture above is just one corner of the space.  It’s a pretty large venue with lots of great vendors.  Fabulous finds ensued…

{© Go Our Own Way}

{© Go Our Own Way}

I loved the bookcases above.  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the one on the right has mesh shelves.  It was a really cool contrast with the rich wood and metal frame.  Very industrial but cool.

{© Go Our Own Way}

Rolling pin with pattern indents!  I really really wanted this particular kitchen accessory.  Love the yellow handles.

{© Go Our Own Way}

The lighting isn’t very good, but this chest was in really good shape, it just needed to be sanded and repainted.  Would make a perfect entry table or hallway storage.

Once I had had my fill of not being able to buy anything {the joys of saving for a down payment!}, back outside I went.  But I couldn’t pass-up the $2.50 taco stand out front.

{© Go Our Own Way}

The Taco Pedaler food was so good.  One taco, with a side of chips & salsa {of course}, filled me up.  It was pretty darn authentic, and made right in front of you on the back of their bike-booth.  Awesome sauce.

{© Go Our Own Way}

Yummmm.  Might have to track them down so I can take the Mr. next time…

Quick & Easy!

14 Jun

Sometimes projects can be tedious.  Sometimes they can be never-ending.  Sometimes projects can drain your will to continue.

This was NOT one of those projects.

My new cookbook stand took all of 3 days to “transform”, but that definitely did not decrease the feeling of satisfaction when it was all done.


{© Go Our Own Way}

…in all it’s gold glory.  Great lines and function, but not feeling the gaudy color.  Now we have…

{© Go Our Own Way}

Again, not a life-altering transformation.  But for a cheap antique store find, plus the can of half-used spray paint I had in my garage already, our newest kitchen accessory is lookin’ good.  What you’re looking at is 3 coats of flat black spray paint + 1 layer of clear spray paint sealant.  Sealant was not really necessary, but I like to use it to increase durability and longevity.

And of course the functionality is great.

{© Go Our Own Way}

By the way, the cookbook above is the best.cookbook.ever.  If you consider yourself a cook, but don’t have the Betty Crocker Cookbook, your life {and kitchen} are incomplete.  Just sayin’.

One more before and after:

{© Go Our Own Way}

I must say, I’m so very happy with the result.  Say it with me — “Spray paint is a game changer.”

What’s Old Is New

11 Jun

When I go to antique stores, I wander around thinking, “Hmm…what could I spray paint?”  And that’s basically my train of thought.  So when I found this last weekend, I knew that I could easily spruce it up.

{© Go Our Own Way}

I think originally it was a stand for sheet music, or a picture frame stand.  But I’ve been looking for something to hold up my cookbooks in the kitchen, so it will soon become our newest kitchen accessory!

{© Go Our Own Way}

Most of our kitchen accent colors are black, since our rental has black appliances.  I already had a spray paint can half-used, which just happened to be flat black paint.  Perfect!  So it was as easy as “disassembling it” {unscrewing the one screw} and laying it out to paint.  The gold just wasn’t working for me.  A tad too gaudy with all the fancy scroll work.

{© Go Our Own Way}

Spray paint has a tendency to drip if you paint it too closely or thickly, so make sure you’re spraying far enough away.  After the first coat, I let it dry before going back to fill in the blotchy spots, and paint it more evenly.

{© Go Our Own Way}

Then once it dried on the front side, I flipped it over and did the back.  It’s been drying overnight, and tomorrow I’ll coat it in a clear protective spray.  Spray paint is pretty durable, but just to err on the safe side, I like to add a clear top layer.

Finished product to come soon!

{06.08.12} Pinterest Pursuits

8 Jun

Is summer here yet??  In Oregon, that answer changes by the hour.  My pins of the week are as follows:

{via Pinterest}

She’s gone country: cowboy boots are my latest fashion craze, especially as summer arrives.  Since I attended CountryFest on the Waterfront last weekend wearing my own pair, I’m thinking of any excuse to wear them this summer.

{via Pinterest, originally from Neiman Marcus}

Sangria: a summer essential.  Who doesn’t love a sweet drink accompanied by fruit?  This cocktail by the Neiman Marcus bartender sounds delicious.

{via Pinterest, originally from Ann Taylor}

Statement necklace: is what I’m currently hunting for.  I’ve found a dress for a wedding in a few weeks, now I’m looking for the perfect accessories.  This necklace would be perfect, if only I could afford it!  Anyone know of something similar?

Happy Friday!  Cheers!

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